At   Global   West   Realty   Ltd   Brokerage,   our   objective   is   to   present   our   clients   with   the   most   professional,   successful   and   ethical   real estate   associates   in   the   business   and   to   represent   our   clients   with   care,   confidentiality   and   the   utmost   attention   to   service.   We provide   real   estate   investment   clients   with   the   opportunity   to   buy   and   sell   all   types   of   commercial   and   residential   property,   including gas   stations,      grocery   stores,   retail,   offices,      industrial,   healthcare,   seniors   housing,   hospitality,   detached   and   semi   houses,   town homes, apartments, and condominium.
A satisfied client is our business strategy!
Thinking of selling? As soon as you want to sell commercial real estate, we analyse and underwrite the property. We work with you to maximize the value of your property by repositioning the asset prior to the sale. Together with our team and their specialized market knowledge, we build value into your property before we market the deal. Contact us now for MARKET EVALUATION of your business. Tel. 905.564.8383 Fax. 905.564.8356
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