Petro Canada Gas Station 1 Hour East of Toronto
For more information Tel. 905.564.8383
Car Wash & Garage
Revenue Gas Volume 9 million @ 5 cents $360,000 Cross Lease @ 1.5 cents $135,000 Store: $900,000 @ 25% $225,000 Rental Income (Garage, Subway, & Audio) $100,000 ATM/Lotto $25,000 Automatic Car Wash $150,000 Gross Profit $995,000 Expense Property Taxes $48,000 Wages $120,000 Utilities/Car Wash supplies $40,000 Credit Card Charges $110,000 Maintenance $10,000 Insurance $5,000 Miscellaneous $10,000 Total $343,000 Net Profit: $652,000 Tel. 905.564.8383 Fax. 905.564.8356
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Notes: Fiber Glass Tanks and piping and Separate Diesel Tank capacity: Regular 96K, Diesel 25K, Super 25K Site Plan approved 6 bay coin car wash 2.5 ACRE LAND Note: All numbers to be verified by the Buyer, Real Estate Broker or sales person will not be responsible for accuracy.
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