Selling Selling your home can be difficult and the costs of making a mistake are high. You need to select an agent that knows the market and has experience selling similar homes. Our team of professional make the process of agent selection easy as we work with you all the way. We take special care to guide you to make the best decision for your property. Marketing your home You can't sell a secret. Every buyer possible needs to know that your home is on the market and you need to reach the broadest number of possible buyers. Research shows that combination of print advertising with online presence is the most powerful way to sell your home. We market client properties through multiple channels as listing on multiple real estate boards MLS. online, and print media. Negotiating No matter how great your home is, how creative and successful your marketing has been or even how strong the market is, negotiation is key. Our agents are tough negotiators who make sure that put you in a position of strength. A buyer often will try a low offer, and that upsets vendors. But see it as part of the game - and in many cases you would do the same. Let us handle the transaction and get you more for your property’s worth. How much is my house worth? This is often one of the most commonly asked question. Answer may not be as simple as value of a home depend of many factors including market condition, availability of similar properties in market, demand and neighbourhood. Over pricing as well as under pricing can have adverse effect on your property value. You need to make sure house is rightly priced so that it sells fast at a price that does not cost you lost profit due to under pricing. The correct selling price of a home is the highest price that the market will pay.  We can assist you in finding out market value of your house. Complete the following form, we will do a market research, visit your property and give you an estimates based on the sale of the similar properties and availability in the market. What you do next is your choice as this  evaluation will be complementary.
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